Residential Business School

The Residential Business School is held at regular intervals in or International head office in Amsterdam. For any additional information please contact us

What others are saying about the Residential Business School

Program was insightful and enjoyable.
Jason Arnold, USA.

The process - very well explained and delivered - giving me a thorough understanding of both why it works and how to best apply it for maximum benefit.
Content of presentations brilliantly delivered.
"Exactly what it says on the tin" I feel very confident about both delivering this program successfully and building an independent practice of my own.
Nick McDonald, England.

The resources and backup facilities are phenomenal, mass email, regional and national structures.
Assistance is but a phone call away.
The concept/program encourages you to approach it in an objective manner.
The program provides a structured approach to developing a business concept.
David Crystal, South Africa.

I wish to compliment the Institute for setting up this Training Program (DLM & RBS) it has been the best training I have experienced so far.
I am convinced the BSP will work and I will get the benefit of the effort I put in.
I appreciate the contents of the program and especially the portion of typical British humor brought in the RBS.
Arthur Reijnen, Netherlands.

The training was phenomenal, content exactly the information I did not have.
Presenters were knowledgeable and energetic.
It was great meeting other associates such as myself with the same profile, fears and expectations, certainly a community.
Annemarie van der Walt, South Africa.

Accreditation brings an organization of international repute and huge professional resources and expertise to me as an individual.
The RBS has re-energised me.
I am truly impressed and thankful – I shall follow IIB methods fully.
I am committed to returning the faith and trust which IIB has placed in me.
David Gray, Scotland.

The programme delivered on what it said it would "How to develop my consultancy".
The RBS definitely delivered, the course structure and content was superb and I am leaving with more confidence than when I arrived. Thank you.
Paula Hajek, Australia.

Prior to the RBS, closing the sale was an area where I needed guidance, through the program this has been achieved.
Knowing what I know now, there's no way I could achieve the same results working on my own. The IIB is the way forward for me.
The knowledge from the RBS has made me change my marketing plan for the better.
Malcolm Burr, England.

Enormously beneficial for a non sales and marketing person.
Great Methodology.
The guys I mixed with on the RBS have been tremendous, lifelong friends and colleagues.
Peter Hocknell, South Africa.

The network of associates and the interaction of Specialist/Generalist is a fantastic model that empowers us to tackle all business problems; far above what we could have been able to tackle on our own.
The sales process and personal skills presented enables you to undertake sales and marketing of your business in a professional manner.
Steve Kavanagh, Australia.

RBS pragmatic good content, good lectures.
Total appearance and exposure of IIB during the application period gives a lot of confidence.
Working in the group during RBS gives a little bit of insight about the possibilities from the total IIB network.
IIB standing far out in comparison to other competitors.
Rob Langendoen, Netherlands.

All speakers were knowledgeable and highly enthusiastic.
Could not imagine starting my consultancy without the benefit of the RBS and all the material provided.
Having the school here in England with associate candidates from other countries was invaluable.
Barry Kotar, USA.

The RBS was well designed and covered everything in detail. It was also a fair balance between lecturing and practice.
Mats Folkesson, Sweden.

Very high standard of presentation and content which gives a very positive impression of the BSP and IIB.
Peter Schofield, England.