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The IIB University is re-launching

A new lineup and a new approach to the online learning environment of the IIBU.

Linden Dyason is working with IIBU’s CEO, Gene Paplanus to incorporate IIBU’s graduate level content into the new structure.


Trevor Wyborn

Trevor Wyborn, IIB Graduate and MD of Upwards Spiral helps South African Medical Publisher struggling to grow their international business.

By using the strength of the IIB network it was possible to identify, employ and train agents is seven international countries.

Initially we where tied to English speaking countries but found it to be easier to setup relationships and agreements with countries a little different from the norm. Agencies have been setup in Mexico, Brazil, Spain and Croatia, where the language is not English. As a result the publisher has been able to increase there client base by almost 400% and is now able to produce copy in four languages.

The biggest benefit is that the same research work can be used in four languages thus cutting the production time significantly. With a completed development of a new website it is possible for client companies to participate in the creation of each new newsletter rather than having copy moving backwards and forwards for sign-off and approval. The result is that production now take weeks less than before.



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