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The IIB University is re-launching

A new lineup and a new approach to the online learning environment of the IIBU.

Linden Dyason is working with IIBU’s CEO, Gene Paplanus to incorporate IIBU’s graduate level content into the new structure.


Alberto Arroyo

IIB Graduate, and owner of ALAMCIA, S.L., helped Toscano Mobil

Toscano Mobil is a furniture manufacturer in Murcia, Spain, producing high quality furniture with a global market (Spain, UK, Ireland, Eastern Europe, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, India, Arab Emirates,...).

The company, a family business, needed to re-structure the family equation, setting the strategy for the next years, and the basis for securing this strategy. Thus, in this process, the company defined and implemented a family protocol, transition plan, strategic plan, but also an organizational and process system.

In words of Francisco Muñoz, "Alberto helped Toscano Mobil in many ways. His contribution was especially important for setting the basis for the future, from both the family and the company perspective".



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