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Professional Conduct Committee (PCC) Complaints Procedures

Making a complaint against an Associate

This form is only to be used to instigate a complaint under the Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct Complaints Procedures.

The information you submit will be used by the PCC Secretariat to establish whether the matter falls within the remit of the PCC, and if the PCC should take the matter further. It is important therefore that you give sufficient detail to enable the PCC Secretariat to reach a reasonable decision.

All sections of this form must be completed.

Your Details:
Your Name:
Contact Number:
Email Address:
IIB Associates Details:
Associates Name:
Contact Number:
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This should be a brief statement outlining the salient facts and the grounds for the complaint


Please state which article(s) of the Code of Ethics this complaint breaches

Please state which section(s) of the Code of Conduct this complaint breaches

Please list briefly the type of evidence and documents upon which you will rely e.g. non-disclosure agreement contract, oral statements, specific conduct of parties etc. Written evidence or witness statements are admissible., hearsay or hearsay evidence is not admissible.

Clicking on the submit button below implies that you agree to keep the details of your complaint and any discussion with those involved in the PCC proceedings confidential.

Your IP address will be logged once you submit the complaint form.

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