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Our Executive Associates

All IIB Executive Associates who attend meetings with Managing Directors, Owners and Proprietors of businesses are themselves senior executives from virtually every profession, background and industry imaginable.


As mature business people, Executive Associates have typically been Chief Executives, Managing Directors or Executive Board Directors, and have personal experience with the pressures, stresses and joys of running a business. In addition to having run some of the best known businesses in the world, many have started, run and eventually sold their own small to medium sized businesses.

Selection, Training & Accreditation

Any senior executive or business leader who considers that he or she is suitable for accreditation must pass through the Institute's selection process, and then undertake the Consultancy Business Development Program.

This provides a framework for developing skills suited specifically for the SMB sector. The first program was started in January 1991 and to date more than 5,000 executives have completed the Distance Learning and Residential Business School required to achieve the status of an accredited Executive Associate.

Continual Professional Development

Once accredited, Executive Associates continue to be supported by the Institute through monthly training workshops and an internet based system which provides a platform for exchange of information and the sharing of expertise. The exclusive network of Executive Associates which is the largest in the world, allows them to work together on assignments to ensure that supported businesses receive the highest quality service.

Benefit To Businesses

The Institute requires all Executive Associates who have been through its accreditation process to give, free of charge, some time each month for selected meetings with independent business owners. Unlike some advisory services, the benefit of being supported by IIB Executive Associates is that they have 'been there, seen it, and survived to tell the story', and are sufficiently experienced to be able to provide practical advice that works

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