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Support Issues

Independent business owners may take some comfort from the fact that their needs and challenges have been faced by many. But each owner and his/her business have their own unique requirements. To meet such needs the Institute developed the Business Support Program .

Through the Institute's accredited Executive Associates, qualifying businesses can have access to one of the most comprehensive, flexible and effective business support infrastructures available in the world, including:

Executive Associates have helped countless businesses to find the right solutions to achieve the objectives of their owners.

Major consultancy practices are generally unable or unwilling to fulfil the needs of independent businesses, and their cost structures and style of consultancy are not appropriate to small to medium sized businesses.

Organizations that supply worthwhile help and useful information to independent businesses are rare.

In fact this situation has not improved significantly over time and the Institute has been in the forefront, successfully providing small to medium sized businesses with access to the most flexible and powerful business support available.


In 1984 the IIB initially introduced a 'company mentoring program' whereby successful executives of established businesses undertook to act as mentors to owners and managers of start-up businesses. This grew so successfully that it quickly became necessary to publish a directory of advisors, and The Index of Experts was published early in 1989. In 1990 a larger edition was published and circulated to over 25,000 SMB owners and managers in the UK . The mentoring and practical support aspects of the program were dramatically enhanced with a selection, training and accreditation process.

Consultancy Business Development Program

In January 1991 the Institute established the Consultancy Business Development Program to provide appropriately experienced, senior executives with a framework for developing their skills to support small to medium sized businesses. To date more than 5,000 executives have completed the Distance Learning and Residential Business School leading to Accreditation.

Once accredited, Executive Associates continue to be supported by the Institute through monthly training workshops and an internet based system which provides a platform for exchange of information and the sharing of expertise. To maintain their accredited status, Executive Associates are required by the Institute to meet high standards of conduct and ethics.

Business Support Program

Today, the Institute's Business Support Program provides the most flexible access to finding the solutions to every imaginable problem faced by business leaders. Executive Associates can provide a wide range of support, drawing on the incredible and exclusive (Associate-only) network of skilled and experienced advisors accredited by the IIB.

Standards and Ethics - Board of Trustees

The management and development strategy of the Institute is the responsibility of the board of Trustees, who work to ensure that the Aims of the IIB are maintained, and that the conduct and standards are upheld by Executive Associates.


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