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The IIB University is re-launching

A new lineup and a new approach to the online learning environment of the IIBU.

Linden Dyason is working with IIBU’s CEO, Gene Paplanus to incorporate IIBU’s graduate level content into the new structure.


Peter Kroeger, Kroeger & Co., UK

Peter Kroeger, IIB graduate and MD of Kroeger & Co. Leamington Spa, UK. Kroeger and Co. supports OLM Group secure controlling stake in Hytec Information Security.

OLM Group, the UK's largest independent supplier of information solutions for children's and adult care services, has invested in Hytec Information Security Ltd to procure a controlling stake. “Hytec retained the services of Peter Kroeger, a specialist in mergers and acquisition, to find partners interested in meeting our objectives as owner managers”, said David Bryant. “Peter Kroeger provided a full service to us, preparing all of our external documentation, researching potential suitors, and bringing companies to meet us who were genuinely interested in what we have to offer. He chaired all of our initial meetings and helped us sell ourselves and the company to best advantage. "We were afforded the luxury of choice from several very good options and he did this in a way that created goodwill on all sides. He kept everyone on track through the due diligence and contract negotiation stages. This was achieved under a pressured deadline before the end of the 2008 tax year. We are extremely satisfied with his help, advice and professionalism throughout.... and the end result!"



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